A flightless bird

A flightless bird, thinking What's there the other shore? A confused mind, hoping not to be forbidden anymore. But the wings she had will someday set her free. Then she wouldn't mind Ashes or dust, whatever be called; coz then she would belong somewhere, where she could fly, without the fear of being blown. A... Continue Reading →

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Little Gentleman!

Delhi is a place where we can see time travel. You can go Old Delhi watching the remains of glorious Mughal era, and on the other side you can see modern New Delhi with its sky scraping offices, malls facing all the challenges becoming a smart capital city. The efficient and non polluting metro is... Continue Reading →

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How does it feel??

How does it feel? When people around you Speak, laugh and you don't get a thing. How does it feel? When you need the support and love but all you get is only your own imagining. It is frightening of the thousand thoughts which leaves you baffling and overwrought. How does it feel? To have... Continue Reading →

The price for originality

My lips tried to utter, But the words didn't want to be heard. I, now have to think about them, whether true or not they should be pretty and nice. I doubt at myself, whether I'm full of lies and disgust Then my soul won't forgive me for the reason twice.

Beautiful !

For beautiful eyes; search the good. For a pretty persona; stay away from the falsehood. For a divine heart; set the birds free out of the woods.

A New Place!

There you arrived, a new place, the place you chose, where the beginning, felt like a rough test-drive.   A new place to be, A place to sigh, to grow and survive. But yeah the coffee ❤ out there revives..   The place where no one knows me nor that I desire to be known;... Continue Reading →

Being the perfect YOU

Be wise enough to know that You are different, coz you need to be the preference. fire in the soul love in heart you are full sugar bowl with a dare to kick-start.


Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. Saint Augustine

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