Little Gentleman!

Delhi is a place where we can see time travel. You can go Old Delhi watching the remains of glorious Mughal era, and on the other side you can see modern New Delhi with its sky scraping offices, malls facing all the challenges becoming a smart capital city. The efficient and non polluting metro is like a cherry on cake. It has given a facility of easy travelling in the busy lives of Delhi and NCR.

                                    But this is not what I am gonna talk about. Unfortunately, India still has stations whether of railway, metro, bus whatever which has always created great spots for street traders, beggars and the homeless people.                             

                              One day, I was passing through one such station and a little boy 4-5 years old came to me with a bunch of roses in his hand asking “gulaab chahiye?” Many such little children survive in Delhi selling flowers and this was not a new incident to me but something in his eyes intrigued me. I honestly never liked giving money to the people who can work on their own but instead chose begging as a better option. But seeing the children working for money, it gave me a feeling of respect towards them. I gave him a 10 rupees note. I said “I don’t need any rose” and smiling towards him I started walking away.  He ran and came near me, putting the note into my hand he said “then I also don’t need this money”. I was stunned and at the same time so happy to hear his reply. I thought he is having no home and no food too if the flowers he had, didn’t fetch a decent amount of money but still he has just refused me to take the note. A boy at such a tender age and even when he badly needed money to survive knows the sense of SELF RESPECT, about which many adult people doesn’t even care, if it comes to money.

              When I came out of my thoughts, I saw him asking other people. I went to him and asked  if he could give me a rose. He was happy seeing me back. Happiness reflected in his eyes. I gave him the money and took the rose from him. Smiling, I started walking on my way back home, thinking about him.


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    1. Every child is a flower to me. They can be moulded as per our upbringing. But such children are certainly among the most beautiful flowers of the garden, though I can’t say about the thorns. 😊
      Thank you for reading it and sharing your opinion about it.

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