Negativities developing in the Human race!

Life seems to be a circle of uncertainties and surprises. It has its rules and it has its punishments too for the offenders. Being so dramatic already, the human behaviour sometimes encourages it to be a disaster for that very person.

      How easy and wonderfully the other beautiful creatures on the Earth survive! The feelings of hatred, jealousy, greed and other negativities just don’t exist in their lives. They are thankfully totally unknown to them. They just know the only rule of life, only rule of evolution, which says  “the better they are, the more they’ll get to live”.

             I wonder, if a bird making nest on a tree too had to seek permission from the tree, whether they can have the shelter or not. But obviously, trees doesn’t have enough brains like humans to figure out whether they should help or not, whether helping the birds is making profit or not. The thought amuse me.

          People are making life miserable and stressful nowadays, not only for themselves but for other people too. They are not running their races of life. Some are busy pulling other people back just to be forward. The struggle of life should be concerned about making ourselves a better person. There are many in this world who doesn’t have food to eat and shelter to stay. Also there are people who have so much of food to waste and many other luxuries of life besides shelter. That’s not profit we have to always think about before doing something.

         Start being helpful, start being positive and start being good. All the negativities will automatically vanish off.

                        If you do not laugh, if you have not made someone’s day happier because of you, if you have not felt good within yourself, then you have missed the actual happiness of being “ALIVE”.

Stay happy readers.

Stay Good. 🙂 ❤


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