A whisper advised “Open your eyes”

I was walking for a while with delight,

then a vague feeling of loneliness surrounded me

in the middle of crowd

with blurry eyes.

Shrugged off the feeling reasoning I’m wise.

I started to walk again for a while despite

a whisper.

A whisper who advised “Open your eyes”.

I stared and thought,

idea of changing my path solidifies.

I saw what the change brought

flowers blooming,

birds chirping,

happiness reflecting.

I change my angle of view,

somethings are just too perfect to be true.

An idea stroke my head, I ask the voice what’s ahead.

Now I know the wise follow whose advice.

Whats’s right for you is always told,

by the whisper inside.

– Vithika Karan  
It is always upon you if you hear the whispers or just shrug them off. 

🙂  ❤


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