Being the perfect YOU

The people who actually know who they are? Where do they belong and what actually do they want in life? I find them really wise and lucky enough that life showed them the best path right from the beginning. Am I not making sense? Everyone knows these things about them, right?

Maybe! But some people will certainly make all the sense I need to make.

Do people like them really exist? I have never met a tough person with an easy past. Experiences only make you much stronger. Everyone has to learn with their mistakes. I made mine, and realized there is no point in holding the sorrows, guilt and most importantly various kinds of opinions people have about you. One person will say you are ugly, other will say you are boring. Just be who you are, say what you feel because while pretending to be someone else; you might end up losing yourself, who you actually are. Those who love you wouldn’t mind if you be like who you are and those who mind doesn’t matter.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. How perfectly beautiful from inside out you are!  Ask the mirror about your insecurities. Your reflection will never lie to you, like mine never did.

It said-

Be wise enough to know that

You are different,

coz you need to be the preference.

fire in the soul

love in heart

you are full sugar bowl

with a dare to kick-start.


The minute you’ll stop caring about what others think, pretending to be someone you are not; you’ll start being the perfect YOU. ❤ 🙂

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